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The official clan of BeGone

SR is shutted down. Might com back in future.

SR - Selfmade Records

SR is shutted down - Might come back in future. Thanks from Admin.
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 |[SR]| Selfmade Records

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PostSubject: |[SR]| Selfmade Records   Sat Jan 11, 2014 7:45 pm


We are Selfmade, We make the Records. We make the skill and team records. We will rise above Nplay like a hellstorm. A storm full of skills and new records.
We are based of teamwork and respect. You show us respect then we show you also respect.
You know how to play in team? We do it better. You have skills? We have more. What we do? That you will find out by yourself soon enough.
Before everything turned black, there was hope. Hope of better lives, myself included, I was the vice-president of the biggest military arms corporation in the world, opposed to the terrorists plaguing Fairview.We are Selfmade Records. Then anarchy descended into being. The terrorists were no longer the threat. There was a new enemy. The Infected.
The Front collapsed from power into nothingness in the blink of an eye.
I was cast aside like I was nobody, sleeping in any bed I could find in the compounds like everybody else as quarantine was put into procedure.
As the fires ravaged in the city, the people of the compound looked on and prayed for their lives, yet it did no good, the infected broke the gates of the compound like they broke the gates to my life.
Bullets failed to stop them, the human race, the elite of species, fell to the infected like boulders.
This is our time to show other how to make the best Record,The clan is also Selfmade, We wake up after the deads, And rise above all.
Selfmade Records is formely knows as a rap group in real life, So the clan name was created because of them.
Our clan is not based on skill and lagging, We're just playing for fun, Our clan goals are big, But we'll try our best to finish the goals.
Our members have the highest level of respect, We respect each other like the other clans maybe do, The clan have an strange history.
You can also find us on BeGone Brotherhood, Because there we want to be most loyal to. Selfmade Records have an goal for BeGone Brotherhood.
The real meaning of Selfmade Records are Respect, Loyality, Honor, Friendship. That's our most strong word we use here in Selfmade Records
The logo of Selfmade Records have we pick from Google, This Selfmade Records logo are our logo here at BeGone.
Selfmade Records are an official clan and are not open to any rondom peoples, And we are not looking at Kill/Death/Radio, Because we don't care.
But when a person want to join, then him should have 1 Kill/Death/Radio least, And also more that 1,000 kills before joining.
People under 12 years old will be rejected, because they're too small for joining, and also if you are a new member here at BeGone.
If you would like to join this clan then you need more than 1 month old account, because maybe you are an multi-account.
Clan Pictures are created from BlastFM and Tonix, And also some other from the clan, But formely BlastFM and Tonix.
Selfmade Records have been created before, The clan died 20 April 2013. The clan was formely created at 10 Febuary 2013.
The real clan leaders were iMoRdA and BlastFM, One of the leaders left and the other leader leaded the clan alone.
Selfmade Records Official color are Purple, The color got picked by the old clan members.
Because the clan looks good at purple color, But we won't use the color in BeGone Brotherhood, or each other places.
Members pick also purple because they will we can use if we get Usergroup at BeGone Brotherhood.
But then someone already have use the color, So then we're not sure if purple really are our color.
But now we're back and we will plans more and do it more better, this time we won't die again, Because this is our time.
Selfmade Records are now back, With new Records! Get ready!

- Be Respectfull to each other in the clan.
- Have loyality and honor to the clan.
- No Multiaccounting.
- No Multiclanning.
- Active in clan wars and discussions to the clan.
- Stay online more than 2-3 Times at a week.
- Loyal to BeGone Brotherhood (Also have Account there)
- 1-2 Mouths old account at Nplay.
- Active in website and clan thread.
- Test people who wants to join the clan.
- No map abuse.
- Decent Skills
- Speaks decent English

- Become an Usergroup.
- 10 clan members.
- 5,000 clan views.
- Do good in clan wars.
- Good teamwork and a skilled clan.
- Get Clan Server.
- 20 clan members.
- Very good teamwork.
- 10,000 clan views.
- Famous clan/People knows who we are.
- 30 clan members.
- Alliance with a clan.

Selfmade Records was officially created.
The clan has been approved by Dmage.

Date of Creation: 14 Aug, 2013.

Councils: Makes clan discussions and make polls, check forum, test people to the clan.
Owners, etc.

To join us, then you need:
1-2 month old account.
BeGone Brotherhood account.
1,000-2,000 kills.
Should have some friends, so people know you.
Know a little about BeGone.
Well, You need 1-2 month old account because we want you to know a little about BeGone, and also we can think you're an Multi-account.
A multi-account is an person who have more than 1 account, And a person with more than 1 account can also multi-clannig.
You also need BeGone Brotherhood account because in Selfmade Records we wants to be loyal in that page.
In BeGone Brotherhood it's many from BeGone who have accounts there, that's why we other have account there, to have something good togheter.
You need more than 1,000-2,000 kills because we can think you are an multi-account and also if you can't play this game, than you sucks in playing.
It's fine if you have more than 10 friends, because is not so good than not have friends, but if you don't want friends, then it's fine.
You should know something about this game, because you should play good in clan wars, But the clan is also not a skill based clan.

After you applied you will get tested soon as you can. In the test you can choose the map.
You will get tested by an Member or an Officer. The test will be: A 1v1 and 1-2 matchs in a Medium/large server.
Then you will play, and we will see how good you are. If you fail then you will be rejected from the clan.
Remember than we aren't a skill based clan. But we would like to see ur tricks about playing this game.
If you past the test, then you can join the clan. Remember: You always need to apply before test.

NPlay Profile Link:
BeGone Brotherhood Profile Link:
Wich country are you from:
How old are you?
Whats your best and worst weapon:
Whats your best and worst map:
Clan History:
How long do you play at a day:
Why you wants to join SR:
Can you be loyal to SR:
Wich map you get tested in:
Something else you want to add:

01. ★ BlastFM (Council)
02. ★ Raditzz (Council)
03. ★ SEORSI3 (Council)
04. ★ TheFlameHunter (Council)
05. ★ MisterEarth9 (Council)
06. ★ Erlaanz (Member)
07. ★ Kaido12345 (Member)
08. ★ PanicFever (Member)
09. ★ Hunter1234 (Member)
10. ★ Wezcer (Member)

Clan Group:
Clan Website:
Clan NPlay Forum:
Clan BB Forum:

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Number of topics : 51
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PostSubject: Re: |[SR]| Selfmade Records   Sat Jan 11, 2014 8:56 pm

Here's the official SR Topic.

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PostSubject: Re: |[SR]| Selfmade Records   Sun Jan 12, 2014 3:36 am

BlastFM wrote:
Here's the official SR Topic.
Good job Blasty :3
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PostSubject: Re: |[SR]| Selfmade Records   Sun Jan 12, 2014 4:47 pm

Very good Blast Very Happy
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Number of topics : 51
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Age : 19
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PostSubject: Re: |[SR]| Selfmade Records   Mon Jan 13, 2014 4:18 pm

Seorsi wrote:
Very good Blast Very Happy
Thanks Smile
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|[SR]| Selfmade Records
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